About E1 Fantasy

Fantasy on our platform is like no other! Our platform features everything you need to set the best possible lineup each week, including 📊 deep-data research tools and a 📝content hub filled with next-level fantasy analysis.

Every week, members will be able to create a brand new lineup of players, consisting of their favorite LCS & LEC star players. Each player has a Salary, so you will construct as powerful of a lineup as you can of 5 players (1 from each position) and a Team, all while staying under the Salary Cap!

Each week, the match stats of the players in your lineup get counted as Fantasy Points through our unique scoring system, which will be announced towards the start of the league. All of the Fantasy Points that your team scored over the weekend are added to your Season Total and are compared against the thousands of other competitors in your league. You can win prizes each week, but the ultimate motivation is the MASSIVE CASH PRIZES handed out at the end of the season. The higher you finish, the more $$ you win!

Researching Teams and Players

📊Need help setting your lineup? our platform includes every data point for each player that you can think of. Scroll through our massive Research Table or read through all of our fantasy articles in the Content Hub. No matter what players you are stuck between for your ADC, we have the data that can help you choose the right option.

⚠️Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of information, for new players the salary alone is a good indication of how many fantasy points the player is expected to make! 

The Launch League

We are launching with an exclusive single 10,000 person league with a $100,000 prize pool. sign up here! 

Even if you aren’t in the initial league, you can access all the player/team data to deepen your LoL fandom so you are ready for the next League or Contest that opens up. Challenge a friend, challenge a stranger or just challenge yourself. E1 Fantasy is what LoL fans have been missing for years!

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