About E1 Fantasy

Fantasy on our platform is like no other! Our platform features everything you need to set the best possible lineup each week, including 📊 deep-data research tools and a 📝content hub filled with next-level fantasy analysis.

Every week, members will be able to create a brand new lineup of players, consisting of their favorite Professional LoL players. Each player has a Salary, so you will construct as powerful of a lineup as you can of 5 players (1 from each position) and a Team, all while staying under the Salary Cap!

Each week, the match stats of the players in your lineup get counted as Fantasy Points through our unique scoring system. All of the Fantasy Points that your team scored in that contest are added to your Season Total and are compared against the thousands of other competitors in your league. You can win prizes each week and improve your rank!


A Completed Lineup consists of:

  • Any number up to (6) lineup slots filled (Top, Jungler, Mid, ADC, Support, Team)

  • One player is chosen as captain with Champions selected

  • Total price does NOT exceed the Salary Cap

  • Lineup does NOT include more than 3 players/team from the same organization

  • Lineup is officially submitted by clicking the ‘Save’ button below the lineup


Choosing a Captain is the chance for you to get some bonus points! Every person is able to crown one Player in their Lineup as a Captain. Once you choose a player, you choose 2 unique Champions. If you Captain plays either of those Champions in any of their games, you get a 1.5x multiplier to the points that your Captain scores that game!


If you are stuck between two good options, or just curious to hear more insight into the player pool, go ahead and check our Articles drawer (on the left side nav bar) for the sweet fantasy advice article that our team puts out!

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