What is Fantasy Esports?
Fantasy Esports allows users to create a team of professional players and use the stats the pro players rack up in their matches to compete with other Fantasy teams. Player stats translate over to points, and the Fantasy team with the most points scored wins!

What esports titles can I play fantasy with?
League of Legends is the first esport title we are creating fantasy for, starting with LCS, LEC & International Events, expanding to all Major Region Leagues. We plan on adding more titles soon.

How do I play?
Each week, you set a lineup of 5 players and a Team for that week. Your lineup locks when the first game of the contest begins, and after all games are done, the total points for your lineup are calculated and added to your season total. The higher you score in the season, the higher chance you have at winning!

What sets E1 Fantasy apart from other Fantasy sites?
At E1, we created a unique twist on traditional fantasy, incorporating bonuses and aspects of scoring that mirror what players experience in-game. Also, we provide tons of data so that you can research your lineup while you are setting it, all in one place!

Are the scoring rules different during playoffs?
Yes. You can read about them on our Rules & Scoring page.

What players are available to pick?
You are available to pick from a player pool comprised of all Teams/Players participating in the contest's matches.

Does this cost money to play?
No, our product if completely free to enter and participate in.

When can I change my lineup?
You can change your lineup up until the first game of the contest begins (even if you don’t have a player in that game). You can start setting your next week’s lineup as soon as the next contest opens, which comes shortly after the conclusion of all games in a contest..

If my lineup is partially filled when the week is locked, will I still get points for what I have?
Yes. A lineup doesn't need to be complete in order to earn points.

How long does it take for points to show in my lineup?
Points should show within 2 minutes of an event occurring during a live game. For example, when Bjergsen gets a kill, you should see the points for this in your lineup within 2 minutes. Also, you don't need to refresh your page to see points come in.

Can I play with my friends?
Yes you can! You can find all that info right here! https://help.esportsone.com/en/articles/4378939-how-to-play-with-friends

How do I receive my winnings?
At each season, all winners will have money added to their E1 Fantasy account. They will then identify where they want their winnings to be transferred via Paypal.

I know a lot about esports and I want to be a part of E1 Fantasy! How can I contribute to grow the platform?
Great! Email us at [email protected]

How is E1 Fantasy different from something like DraftKings?
We put a unique twist on traditional fantasy, designing a scoring system that mirrors the in-game player experience and allows players to earn bonus points for predicting exactly how the game will be played out. E1 Fantasy is built by gamers, for gamers, so we designed it around the video game experience we all have come to love. 

What are some examples of features that Esports One has?
E1 Fantasy allows users to go a step deeper into the lineup process, incorporating player bonuses to the construction process, like rewarding users for predicting what Champion a player will pick. Also, E1 Fantasy gives users access to extensive research tools and expert content, so you can research your lineup using advanced stats without ever leaving the page.

How does E1 Fantasy calculate a player’s Elo rating?
Esports One tracks the strength of each team over time, awarding and deducting ratings points based on expected outcomes and actual results. This system tracks everything from the movement of players between teams, margins of victory, and other subtle factors that give clues about a team's actual strength relative to the rest of their league -- and the world.

How do I add E1 Fantasy to my phone's home screen?
On iPhone: Open https://fantasy.esportsone.com/ in Safari. Click the middle share icon at the bottom of the screen, then scroll down to "Add to Home Screen".
On Android (ex. Pixel 2): Open https://fantasy.esportsone.com/ in Chrome. Tap the three vertical dots at the top-right and select "Add to Home screen".

Is my information private?
Yes, extremely. The only information that other users will see are your Username and Point total. You can read our Privacy Policy here: https://esportsone.com/privacy/

Does Esports One advertise or sell my personal information?
No way. We would never. Your information is just used to create your account.

How do I report someone for offensive content?
If you see someone with an offensive username or profile image, you can report them by following these steps:

  1. Click their name to open their profile card.

  2. Select "Report" from options dropdown in the top-right of the card. This will open a chat with us.

  3. Tell us why you are reporting them and we'll get on it.

What happens if I'm reported for offensive content?
We'll personally review the report. Depending on the severity of the content you choose for your profile image and/or username, you may be "shadow banned" (your profile image will no longer be publicly visible) or banned outright.

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