Community-First Product

Here at Esports One, we know the value in listening to our community. Gaming and esports fans are some of the most passionate out there, and we want to work with them to build something we’ll all love.

Therefore, our E1 Fantasy product roadmap is completely public. We’re not saying that we’ve made a separate roadmap for the public, we’re saying that the roadmap we use as a company to build our product is open and interactive. Anyone, and we mean anyone, can submit an idea and the community can vote on what features they want to see next. Of course we’ll also weigh things like feasibility and cost, but the community’s input is a huge driving factor behind what we build.

Submit Your Ideas (we’re listening)

If you want to see what we’re planning to build, vote on what to build next, or submit your own idea, you can do it all here. Each feature can have one of five statuses:

Feature Statuses

  1. Open – When a feature idea is submitted, it starts in this status. This makes up our backlog of features to consider.
  2. Under Review – This means we’re actively looking at the feature to see if we’ll add it to the product. We’ll be considering how popular it is among the community, how hard it is to build, and how well it fits with the vision of the product.
  3. Planned – This feature is locked in and we have it on the slate to build next.
  4. In Progress – We are actively designing and building this feature.
  5. Completed – This feature is now live for everyone to use!

All features must pass through the Open and Under Review status to graduate to the roadmap, which includes columns for the Planned, In Progress, and Completed features. Voting on features is super simple, just click the upvote button on the feature card. To submit your own feature idea, select the “Feature Requests” board and fill out the form on the left-hand side.

On Top of Our Minds

If you have a crazy idea and are thinking “there’s no way this will actually happen”, submit it! We are always looking to build something innovative, so give us your best shot. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are the kinds of features we are focusing on right now:

Top Feature Categories

  1. Competition – What kinds of features can we build to foster a sense of community and friendly competition within the fantasy platform?
  2. Engagement – What can we do to make existing users want to keep coming back for more of that sweet fantasy action?
  3. Growth – What can we add to the product to help it attract new esports fantasy fanatics?

The Future Ahead

We can’t do this without you. If you love LoL esports as much as we do and want an amazing fantasy product for years to come, please contribute by submitting and voting on feature ideas here. We are so excited to build the best esports fantasy product out there, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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