Why does my player have the wrong amount of points?

When checking in on your Lineup throughout a weekend, you may find some cases of incorrect scores. Wrong points are rare, but it does happen, so we like to be upfront about it. There are a few technical reasons that cause this issue; we will explain them in a second. Wrong points/scores always get corrected, but we do apologize for the inconvenience!

How does this happen? How do you fix it?

Once a day of games end, we are in the lab manually validating every single stat from every single player, translating them into Fantasy Points, and comparing that number to the number on the E1 platform. Sometimes there are large discrepancies, which usually mean something was incorrectly sent or digested through the API data streams (I won't bore you with all the technical talk). Those significant cases we fix ASAP. Sometimes we have to hard-code the data, clean the data stream, and then replace the data. In other words, the end result is always accurate - if you find a player has the wrong points, don't worry; we are already working to fixing it.

Aside from checking everything as much as we possibly can during live games, during the day on Sunday and Monday are our massive Stat Validation days. Often, active games can mess with completed stats, so even if we fix something during a match, new data streams can ruin some of the corrections made.

Thank you to everybody reaching out on Discord, in chat, or emails with any feedback and alerts. We appreciate you all so much and want nothing more than you all to love this product as much as we do! <3

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