Not everything is perfect on the first try. It is true in potty training and Fantasy LoL.

When checking in on your lineup throughout a weekend, you may find some cases of incorrect scores. First of all, I can assure you that we watch all of these extremely closely and ensure 100% accuracy. 

Once a day of game ends, we are in lab manually validating every single stat from every single player, translating them into Fantasy Points and comparing that number to the number on the E1 platform. Sometimes there are large discrepancies, which usually mean something was incorrectly sent or digested through the API data streams (I won’t bore you with all the technical talk though). Those major cases, we fix ASAP. Sometimes we have to hard-code the data, clean data stream and then replace the data (but I just told you I wasn’t going to bore you with that stuff so I’ll shut up).

Fun fact: did you know that you can actually get decimals of Creep Score when playing LoL? 

This was news to me personally (not some of the other smarter E1 employees) and has been messing with our scoring ever-so-slightly. With players getting .02 for each CS, a player should never have an odd numbered CS. However, the decimal places can interfere with that, so we are working on the correct solution to fix that. Also, sometime a player gets enough decimals of CS that they get a new full CS that doesn’t show up on Match History and throws the score off by .02. It is pretty much the plot of Office Space with Creep Score. The .01 or .02 discrepancy may not be fixed immediately or even by the end of the weekend, but we can guarantee you that our work is not done until every score is 100% correct (changes will be reflected for Weekly Prizes and leaderboard as well).

Aside from checking everything as much as we possibly can during live games, during the day on Sunday and Monday are our massive Stat Validation days. Often times active games can mess with completed stats, so even if we fix something during a match, new streams of data can ruin some of the corrections made.

This is Riot’s first year with a new data provider. This is our first year of Fantasy LoL. Even if everything is not where it should be right away, we are working very very hard to get it to that point as soon as possible. Thank you to everybody reaching out on Discord, in chat or emails with any feedback and alerts of problems. We appreciate you all so much and want nothing more than you all to love this product as much as we do! <3

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