Once lineups open, we do not change the player pool. In the event that a player on one active roster gets traded and added to a different team's active roster, he will still be eligible for lineups. Upon selection, he will be awarded the points that he receives as a member of his new team, regardless of the Team or Position listed in the player pool. We do reserve the right to make changes to the player pool in extreme cases that we deem necessary.

A transaction like this would appear as a player alert next to the player's name in the lineup table and would link to an explanation article in the Fantasy Wire.

So, hypothetically speaking, let's say Team Liquid's backup Jungler was traded to, I don't know, Counter Logic Gaming on a Wednesday. Even though he appears in the player pool as TL's Jungler, if selected, you would receive all the points he earns while competing as CLG's Mid laner that week.

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