At the start of the season, our player pool was created by aggregating together all players on the active roster for each of the 20 teams (10 LCS & 10 LEC). These active rosters did not include players from Academy Teams, nor did we want to flood our player pool with dozens of substitute players.

As the season progresses, more new players will be added to LCS/LEC active rosters, subbing out players that we project and price as starters. We will not change the price of a player that gets subbed out, as explained here.

For adding new players, we will add any player that is added to an active LCS/LEC roster prior to the opening of the new week on Tuesday morning. These players become known by A.) making an appearance in a LCS/LEC game during a weekend or B.) having a formal statement from an organization announcing the transaction. Once added to the player pool, we will add a salary to the player prior to the opening of the week. 

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