Just like with any game, it is always nice to track your progress. Each week after the competition is over, you will see your Report Card the next time you log-in. This will help you compare previous results and let you identify where you succeeded or had a player underperform.


What is a Report Card?

Your Fantasy Report Card highlights your weekly scores, performance, and your E1 Fantasy Rank.

Below is a list of the information you can find on your Report Card (reference image below):

  • Your Lineup - Shows the players you drafted and their salary price.

  • Spending Breakdown - See what percent of your total salary you spent on each position.

  • % Points By Position - A pie chart to help visualize how much each player contributed to your Total Points.

  • Weekly Performance - A graph to help track your Total Points from each week.

  • Rank - Denotes your current E1 Fantasy Rank and if you promoted or demoted.

  • Grade - Shows what Grade (for more information on your Grade) your lineup received that week.

Report Card

Here is a quick video tutorial to explain your Report Card:

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