Letter Grades are performance ratings given to your Lineup each week based on your total points scored. Letter Grades are calculated by comparing your score against all other players for that week.

What are Letter Grades?

The Letter Grades in order from highest to lowest are; S+, S-, S, A, B, C, and D. The higher you score than other players that week, the higher your Letter Grade will be. For example, a Lineup Score of 300 points one week might be an S+, then the following week, only an A. They differ in Letter Grade is due to everyone's scores being higher on average the second week, compared to the first.

Earning Bytes

Letter Grades aren't just a performance indicator; they also earn you Bytes. For those who don't know, Bytes are our virtual currency that you can spend on the Prize Store.

Here are the Byte values earned from your Letter Grade each week:

- S+ 3500

- S 3000

- S- 2500

- A 2000

- B 1500

- C 1000

- D 500

Watch the 'What is Ranked & Letter Grades?' Tutorial Video

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