Leaderboards are where the competition resides. Of course, you compete with yourself week-to-week, but leaderboards allow you to compete against the community! It is done by ranking your weekly/seasonal Fantasy points against other players. Players are automatically added to the Global Leaderboard which hosts every player on the platform, however, if you want to play with friends you'll need to make your own (View Tutorial Here).

Below we will break down the components of a Leaderboard and how you can view yours!



Here are the Leaderboard columns explained (reference image below):

  • First Column: A player's position in the current Leaderboard.

  • Second Column: A player's Fantasy Rank (Learn more here)

  • Third Column: A player's profile picture.

  • Fourth Column: Badges (optional cosmetics).

  • Fifth Column: A player's user name.

  • Sixth Column: A Players total fantasy points - this can be sorted by the week or the entire season.



Here is a quick video tutorial to help you learn how to view all your Leaderboards:

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