Bytes are the E1 Fantasy virtual currency; you can spend the Bytes you earn at the Store. There are three ways you can earn Bytes; completing Missions, making correct Predictions, and setting Lineups.

Lineups - Earning Bytes

Bytes are earned based on how your chosen Lineup performs in the current week.

Here are the Byte values earned from your Letter Grade:

- S+ 3500

- S 3000

- S- 2500

- A 2000

- B 1500

- C 1000

- D 500

Missions - Earning Bytes

The number of Bytes you earn from Missions differs based on the difficulty. For example; a Mission that tells you to 'Set a Lineup' will earn fewer Bytes then one that challenges you to 'Score Over 250 Points'

OneBot Predictions - Earning Bytes

If you have joined our Discord or have OneBot installed on your server, you can make predictions. The type of match predictions will vary from things like 'Who Will Win the Match' all the way to 'Which Player Will Get First Blood'. Even though the predictions' difficulty may change, correct predictions will always award the same amount of Bytes.

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