The Prize Store is where you spend all your hard-earned Bytes. There is a range of things you can purchase, including, site Customizations, Experiences, and Cash Prize Drawings.

Note: The Prize Store will open/launch just before Group Stages start for Worlds '20.


Bytes in the Store can be used to purchase customizations such as Avatar Frames, Badges, and Discord command backgrounds. Avatar Frames and Badges are displayed on the Global Leaderboard to look hype when you score big points! If you are not sure how to use your Customizations, check out the Tutorial.

Cash Prize Drawings

These are essentially tickets to go into the draw to win a designated dollar amount. There are multiple draws throughout the season and various tiers of drawings to enter. Larger cash prize drawings will cost more Bytes than smaller ones.

Worlds '20 Cash Prizes + Total Amount of Drawings:

$500 Quantity: 2

$250 Quantity: 4

$150 Quantity: 7

$100 Quantity: 14

$50 Quantity: 28

$25 Quantity: 46


These are prizes that let you partake in one-time activities, activations, and events. They vary a lot; for example, one may revolve around you getting to feature in The Lock-In fantasy podcast, whereas another might be to have an expert analyze your Lineup this week. Keep checking the Store as Experiences change regularly.

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