A Rank is a fantasy expertise rating given to players based on their performance compared to others. There are 8 Ranks:

How do I get my Rank?

To start, just save your first fantasy lineup! After the week’s matches are scored, you’ll be placed in your starting Rank (Bronze, Silver, or Gold). Your Rank is the indicator of your fantasy skill, so to climb you must continually perform; both compared to yourself and the rest of the league. This works both ways, so if you’re underperforming, expect to drop in Rank.

Breaking Down The Details:
Not saving a lineup will cause your Rank to decrease (or potentially drop a tier).
// Your rank updates each week of the season.
// Continually perform better than other players in the league and your Rank will climb.
// You can’t climb or drop more than 2 Ranks in a single week.

Watch the introduction to Ranked Video

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