There are often changes and events that affect players and teams throughout the season. We have come up with a few ways to notify you of a change in a player's status and reduce the impact of these changes.

What are Player Alerts?

Player Alerts are symbols displayed on the main Player List to warn you of a change in a player's playing status.

Types of Player Alerts

Red Arrows - This player has been substituted out of the team's starting roster.

Green Arrows - This player has now become a starting player for their team.

Red Caution Sign - Breaking news about the player (Make sure you read).

Blue Umbrella - This player has been given starter insurance (see explanation below).

What is Starter Insurance?

Starter Insurance is awarded when a player was designated as a starter all week but was substituted post 24 hours before Lineups lock. Starter Insurance means if a player we have indicated as a starter plays zero games in a contest, they will earn 70% of their replacements points.

Watch the Tutorial on Player Alerts and Starter Insurance

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