Missions are weekly challenges you can complete on the E1 Fantasy platform to earn 'Bytes.' Missions are refreshed every week and are optional. However, the more Missions you complete, the more Bytes you'll have to spend in the Prize Store.

Missions Video Tutorial

Missions Explained

Where do I find the Missions?

You will find them by clicking the 'Missions' button on the Desktop Site's lefthand navigational panel. On Mobile, the Mission button is located in the Main Menu.

Once you click the button, the list of available missions will appear:

What are some examples of Missions?
Missions vary from scoring milestones to meeting specific criteria when setting your lineup. We even have Partner Missions available, which relate to supporting friends of Esports One, such as Playfull!

Here are two examples of Missions:

How do I know when a Mission is complete?
Once a Mission is complete, you will receive a checkmark and the number of Bytes you earned from completing it.

Note that some lineup related Missions, for example, 'set a lineup with players from X regions', will not be completed until lineups lock for the week. For those scenarios, there will be an information button that will provide additional information.

An example of a completed Missions:

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