There are four separate Cash Cups players can enter in the Prize Store:

  • Bytes Cup - 750 Bytes Buy-in

  • Adventurer's Cup - $3 Buy-in

  • Dragon Cup - $5 Buy-in

  • Legendary Cup - $10 Buy-in

Only your final saved lineup will be entered into the Cups. Feel free to change your lineup as many times as you like after entering a cup, but prior to contest lock.

You must be 18+ years to enter any of the Cups.


The Bytes Cup has a set prize pool of $50 which is split between the 1st ($25), 2nd ($15), and 3rd ($10) scoring players that week.

The Adventurer's, Dragon, and Legendary Cup's have a prize pool that grows with each player that enters it. All three of these tournaments are winner takes all, this means there is only a prize for the player/s that come first.

Prize Distribution

Prizes will be distributed in the weeks following the completion of Worlds. We will contact the winners by email to requesting your information. Payments will be paid through Paypal, so make sure you have an account set up.

As stated previously, you must be 18+ to enter any of the cups. We reserve the right to request proof of age at the time of prize payout. If you are underage or proof of age isn't provided, we will refund the entry fee. The prize will then be redistributed to the player with the next highest score.

In the case of ties, the Prize will be split evenly between winners. For the Worlds Final, we will have a different method for dealing with ties.

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